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Strategic Evaluation

EA Consultants has over 10 years of global experience developing performance metrics and conducting strategic impact evaluations in a variety of geographies and sectors. To assess the methodology that will best fit your needs and resources, we want to know what questions you want answered, your evaluative preferences, and the ethical implications of running such an evaluation. With these three critical areas in mind, the EA team can define indicators that will help us measure the value proposition of your organization’s program or product. These evaluative services and methodologies include:

Business strategy & coaching: The institutions we work with, both large and small, often struggle to turn their ideas into practice, identify their core value proposition, or define a business model that can be financially attractive. Through strategy workshops, data gathering and business plan development, we build strategies that make institutions more efficient and effective.

Program monitoring & evaluation: Estimating the impacts, both social and financial, of development programs is essential for donors deciding how best to allocate resources. We tailor each evaluation to be program specific and employ combinations of quantitative and qualitative methods to test for effects.

Client outcomes: Within our program evaluations and analyses, the impact of interventions on the lives of clients are of special interest to us. We use a range of tools designed to assess products’ value from the perspective of clients’ lives and livelihoods.

Randomized control trials (RCTs): RCTs are a rigorous method of impact evaluation that uses randomized access to programs or products as a means of limiting bias and generating a valid impact estimate. However, due to ethical concerns this methodology is not always appropriate in the measurement of social programming.

Responsible Sales of Inclusive Financial Services

EA Consultants has worked with financial service providers to strengthen and improve their customer relationships and capacity to offer a variety of financial products and services beyond just credit, ensuring that appropriately designed and targetted products are sold responsibly.  Front line staff and delivery channels are critical to the successful provision of financial services. Even digital services rely on a "human touch" by agents, retailers and other front line operators. We believe that these front line staff need to be trained and motivated effectively if they are to build good customer relationships and help strengthen a provider brand.  

  • Designing materials to support sales and salesforce effectiveness and ensure the protection of the end consumer through responsible sales
  • Advising providers on effective training and incentive programs for front-line staff
  • Training front line staff to effectively and responsibly sell a range of products
  • Identifying the right channels for sales

Consumer Protection

EA Consultants approaches consumer protection with a view to outcomes, focusing on what allows clients and their families to use insurance products effectively to protect themselves against risk. We view consumer protection not as a particular infrastructure or set of processes, but rather as the tools and protections – which may vary by context – that consumers need to use products effectively. This view allows the EA team to consider the roles that all stakeholders – insurance providers, distributors, regulators, supporting institutions, and consumers themselves – can play in supporting good consumer protection outcomes.

We believe the commercial proposition for proactive client protection is very strong. The reputational benefits of ensuring that consumers have the tools and protections needed to use products effectively are compelling. Likewise, the potential cost of ignoring these needs is immense. The EA team has partnered with the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility to provide a variety of consumer protection services tailored to your organization’s needs:

  • Country-level analysis
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Technical assistance for providers to strengthen protection practices
  • Design and pilot financial education materials and platforms


EA Consultants conducts academic, action and market research with a similar approach. We believe that research should advance our understanding and knowledge about small businesses, and low income and vulnerable households and offer actionable insights that can help them benefit from financial products and services.

EA’s Mobile Data Unit makes data collection efficient, flexible, and reliable, helping you identify a best-fit survey strategy and collaborating on survey design. MDU team members conduct data collection or train staff or outside surveyors to implement surveys in an appropriate manner. The full suite of MDU services have been conducted in English and Spanish domestically and around the world.  For examples of some of our published research, please click here.