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New at EA

Stay in touch with EA Consultants by reading our EA Learning page, following Barbara Magnoni, EA's President, on Twitter, and by subscribing to our newsletters. Our newsletters are a format for us to provide updates on us and our work and to highlight some of the lessons that emerge from our research. To subcribe, please click here.

Our Fall 2017 Newsletter introduces our new brand and visual identity.

For more EA news, feel free to read our prior newsletters:

Spring 2017 Newsletter explores the relationship between inequality and asset building.

Fall 2016 Newsletter discusses our techniques for embedding financial educationa and information into appropriate and low-cost touch points to reach low-income households.

Spring 2016 Newsletter on business models for bundling financial services.

Summer 2015 on the evolving role of women in microfinance

Spring 2015: on health access

Fall 2014: on financial counseling in New York

Summer 2014: the alumni edition

Spring 2014: on financial inclusion for immigrants

Fall 2013: on understanding small businesses