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Risk Across Borders:A Study of the Potential of Microinsurance Products to Help Migrants Cope with Cross Border Risks. Magnoni, Barbara. Lovoi, Annette. Brown, Julia. Thornton, Rebecca. Inter-American Development Bank and FOMIN. Septiembre de 2010.

A Business to Call Her Own: Identifying, Analyzing and Overcoming Obstacles to Women's Small Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Powers, Jennifer and Magnoni, Barbara.Inter-American Development Bank and FOMIN. Abril de 2010.

Will the Bottom of the Pyramid Hit Bottom? The Effects of the Global Credit Crisis on the Microfinance Sector.Magnoni, Barbara and Powers, Jennifer. United States Agency for International Development, microNote #55. Marzo, 2009.

Extending Social Insurance to Informal Sector Workers in Nicaragua via Microfinance Institutions. Hatt, L., Thornton, R., Magnoni, B. & Islam, M.  Private Sector Partnerships for Better Health, USAID. Diciembre, 2008.

P2P Lending: Is Financial Democracy a Click Away? Powers, Jennifer. United States Agency for International Development, microNote #51.Septiembre, 2008.

Extending Social Security Health Insurance to the Informal Sector. Private Sector Partnerships for Better Health. Magnoni, Barbara. United States Agency for International Development. Agosto, 2008.

Hand out or Hand Up: Microfinance, Remittances and Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua. Magnoni, B., Matranga, B., Thornton, R. Microfinance Gateway. Noviembre, 2007.

Review of DCA Credit Guarantee for MFI Access to Commercial Credit in Mexico: The Unión Progreso Case. Magnoni, Barbara. United States Agency for International Development, microReport #82. Marzo, 2006.


Otras Publicaciones y Artículos de Interés:

Migrantes, nicho de oportunidad para aseguradoras. Dionisio, Marisol. El Economista. Mayo, 2010

Paper Wrap-up: Will the Bottom of the Pyramid Hit Bottom? Stanisljevic, Zoran. MicroCapital Monitor.Mayo, 2009.

Small Fortunes. Price, Michelle. The Banker.Octubre, 2008

Jackson Heights Festival: Film and Food Like No Other.  Magnoni, Barbara. The Daily Kos.

Haitian Diaspora Unites Across U.S.  Luce, J., Magnoni, B. Fonkoze.  The Huffington Post.May, 2009.