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About Us

EA Consultants was founded out of a deeply held commitment to improving the wellbeing and livelihood of the world’s poor. Today, the world’s collective prosperity, technology and medical advances are unmatched by any period in history. However, a large segment of the world’s population continues to be excluded from this progress, lacking the access to finance, markets, and social protection that could allow them to step out of poverty and fulfill their potential.

To tackle these complex issues, EA Consultants draws upon the vast knowledge and expertise of a diverse team of advisors. We provide innovative consulting services and research to governments, privately-held firms, non-profit organizations, and international institutions. Our team of forward thinking professionals is adaptive to the market’s changing needs. Our clients value our analysis and recommendations because they are pragmatic, sustainable and economically viable.

A learning organization, EA Consultants brings its insights on the financial behavior, constraints, and opportunities of the world's poor to each consultancy. Our commitment to listening to and learning from low-income individuals about their financial lives, strategies, and aspirations sets our services apart. This commitment is why our consultants take the time to share our findings and insights from the field through a range of forums, including formal publications, newsletters, and EA Learning, which shares our ideas and experiences around researching and designing financial inclusion innovations.

EA Consultants (E-A Consultants Inc.) is a self-certified, small, woman-owned business based in New York City. The company was incorporated on October 1, 1975 in New York, NY, USA under Section 402 of the Business Law. It is currently an S-Corporation in the State of New York. EA Consultants is registered in the Central Contractor Registry (ww.ccr.gov) under DUNS Number 060211042.

We are proud sponsors of Andares, Mujeres para las Microfinanzas. Andares supports women's leadership in the financial inclusion sector in Latin America and the Caribbean thorough learning, peer exchange, mentoring and training. Please consider donating to Andares here.